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Are you looking for excellent quality car detailing in Cairns? Our committed team of detailing experts have all your needs covered. We provide a complete range of mobile car detailing services at a location and time that’s convenient for you. We take pride in every job, promising exceptional results no matter the condition of your car, all at the best prices found in Cairns. Talk to our friendly staff today if you want your vehicle looking as good.

Car Detailing Cairns & ceramic coating cairns

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Mobile Car Detailing Cairns Services

Premium Quality Car Detailing Cairns

At Car Detailing Cairns – Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection, we understand that it can be challenging to keep your vehicle looking beautiful all of the time. That’s why we take the stress out of having and maintaining a spotless car. We offer a complete professional car detailing Cairns service.

You can focus on your day and have complete comfort in knowing that your car is in the expert’s hands.

From an express mini detail to complete car paint protection, our specialists can assist in making your car look new again, no matter the current condition of your vehicle.

The Leaders in Car Detailing Cairns

At Car Detailing Cairns – Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection, we have a fully insured and appropriately trained team to take the best care of your car.

Let us take the hassle out of getting your car detailed with our mobile car detailing servicing the entire Cairns region. We only use the very best-detailing products and tools and have extensive knowledge of the best chemicals and procedures to use on all vehicle surfaces.

We’re open seven days a week from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays and 8:30 am to 2:00 pm on weekends and often get busy, so we can be sure to accommodate your needs; we recommend you book at least a week in advance.

All of our detailers are fully trained and insured and have a passion for cars.

Why Choose Us

5 Star Reviews

We have covered the detailing and ceramic coating for many of the cars around Cairns and received consistent 5-star positive reviews from our happy clientele.

Professional Car Detailing Cairns

Our staff have years of expertise in the automotive detailing industry. You can be confident that you will be receiving the very best service when choosing Car Detailing Cairns - Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection.

Excellent Results Guaranteed

We guarantee that all our work is completed to the highest standard. Our car detailers only use world-leading products and techniques on all vehicles.

Wide Range of Services

We offer a wide range of car detailing and ceramic coating services for all vehicle types and budgets. Don't see precisely what you're after? Contact us, and we will be sure to help you out!

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Car Detailing Cairns - A service you can trust to deliver showroom results every time!

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Car Detailing Cairns

Our Car Detailing Cairns & Paint Protection Services

Cairns’ #1 car detailing service. If you are unsure of what you require, why not give us a call? We are happy to discuss what will be the best option for you.

Mini Car Detail Cairns

Despite being an express service, our mini car detail still sees high attention paid to your car's interior and exterior. You will receive a specialised hand wash, wheel clean, and chamois dry with this affordable yet fastidious service. We will also provide a vacuum, door jamb clean and deodorise your vehicle to bring it back life.

Mobile Car Detailing Cairns

Have you been on holiday or to the beach? Have kids or pets? The inside of your car is where you spend most of your time, so why not have it resembling its best? This service is ideal for you if you want to have your interior sparkling clean, have a build-up of sand, stains, dog hair, or crumbs. Our experts will have your car looking and smelling like new again and provide a hygienic environment for you to enjoy.

Pre Sale Car Detail - From $400


While maintenance or pre-sale detailing doesn't replace the comprehensive treatment, it presents an excellent choice to rejuvenate your vehicle's appearance without the investment of time-intensive paint correction procedures. This service encompasses interior detailing, along with an exterior wash and a final touch of paint sealant to amplify the gleam. To explore how we can refresh your car within a single day, feel free to reach out to us.

Pre Sale car detail Cairns
Full Car Detail Cairns

At Car Detailing Cairns, we only use top-notch equipment and premium products to rejuvenate your Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, or Ute, restoring their appearance to a pristine state. Our comprehensive Car Detailing Service encompasses both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, including meticulous detailing of the engine bay and wheels. Our skilled professionals execute a precise 1-stage paint correction process, followed by the application of paint sealant.


Employing cutting-edge compounds, polishes, and advanced machine-polishing tools, we provide a level of paint correction that stands out from the competition. Irrespective of your vehicle's make, we possess the expertise to effectively eliminate swirls, scuffs, minor scratches, weathered paint, and other imperfections.

We tailor the paint correction process based on your vehicle's paint condition, performing different stages as necessary. Rest assured, our approach involves minimal correction, delicately removing just a few microns at each step. To revive your car's paint finish to its original lustrous state, get in touch with us today.

Car Detailing Cairns
Ceramic Coating Cairns

Having your car ceramic coated is like adding another clear coat that has incredible protective, gloss and self-cleaning characteristics. Ceramic coating paint protection is suitable for new and used vehicles. In the case of an older car, we will use our paint correction services first to restore your car's paint to a like-new finish and then protect the now perfect colour with a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is the best car paint protection that you can find, offering superior protection against the elements and environmental fallout.

PPF - Paint Correction Film From $POA


SunTek paint protection films are meticulously engineered to effectively combat the daily deterioration of automotive paint over extended periods.

This dependable shield offers formidable defense against the hazards of rocks, salt, insects, and other debris encountered on the road. Leveraging its self-healing capabilities, the film mends scratches using solar heat or the warmth of the engine.

Pricing is contingent upon the vehicle type.

PPF Paint Protection Film
window tinting Cairns

Window Tinting - $POA


Presenting our premium ceramic tint, which delivers exceptional heat rejection by effectively blocking elevated levels of infrared rays, ensuring a notably cooler and more comfortable driving encounter.

Our offerings, boasting an impressive 99% or higher UV protection (300-380nm), have earned the esteemed Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. An array of shades is at your disposal.

Pricing is subject to variation based on the specific vehicle.

Paint Protection Cairns

Protecting your vehicle’s paint is essential if you want to keep it looking good for years to come, with minimal maintenance required. A ceramic coating is necessary to protect your paint whether you have just bought a new vehicle or have an old classic.

With so many different protective options, brands and warranties, it’s easy to get confused with all of the professional terminology. But, put simply, ceramic coating is recognised worldwide as the leading paint protection technology. Ceramic Coatings provide a hard surface finish that protects against environmental fallout, bird acid, tree sap whilst remaining easy to maintain.

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Our Other Car Detailing Cairns Services

Besides our most popular ceramic coating Cairns and car detailing packages listed above, we also offer many other tailored services. Don’t see what you are after? Why not give us a call? Our team are happy to help you with all of your car detailing or ceramic paint protection requirements.

Car Detailing Cairns

Engine Bay

Are you planning on selling your car? Or do you have a special event coming up? Your engine bay is one of the first things people notice when looking over a vehicle thoroughly.

Car Icon

Fleet Detailing

Our car detailing Cairns team will take excellent care of your businesses fleet. First impressions matter, so ensure your vehicles look their best and are kept in pristine condition with our reliable service!

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Sticker Removal

We can remove stickers, car wrap and decals from your vehicle's glass or paint. Essential for removing any branding on company cars before selling the vehicle.

Car Detailing Cairns headlight restoration Icon

Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights yellow, hazy or faded? Our team are: Experts at headlight restorations. Can restore them to a like-new condition. Increasing the effectiveness of the headlight.

What Our Loyal Carins Customers Say

We pride ourselves on our reliability, attention to detail and exceptional customer service. This has earned us the recognition and trust of our valued Cairns clients and sets us apart from our competition.

The folks here are very knowledgeable and very friendly. They custom tailored my needs and got my vehicle looking amazing. Excellent service!
Bianca via Google
Car Detailing Cairns
These guys really know a thing or two when it comes to paint protection. They gave me a lot of really helpful advice and helped me decide what ceramic coating would be best for my car. Thankyou Car Detailing Cairns!
David via Google
Car Detailing Cairns
Car Detailing Cairns

Car Detailing Cairns

Reliable, honest and quality car detailing Cairns

Maintaining a beautiful and clean car doesn’t need to be hard work or take up your entire weekend. We understand that it can be a tedious and sometimes difficult procedure, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools or knowledge. In fact, cleaning your car with the wrong products and tools can do more harm than good. Washing, vacuuming, shampooing, and polishing a vehicle to have it appear like new takes time, experience and specialised products. Contact our car detailing Cairns team for more information today.

We are the most dependable car detailing solution in Cairns. You can rest assured your car is in the hands of someone you can trust. No matter the reason for your call, quick spruce up, a regular full detail, or getting your car ready for a special occasion or event, whatever it is, we can help you out.

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